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We Envision A Bright Future For Every Student

VPSA Education Consultancy is a foremost organisation based in Kiev, Ukraine, founded with a purpose to impart high-quality and cost-effective education to students worldwide. As an innovator in the industry, VPSA offers admission to distinguished universities throughout Europe, guaranteeing students access to programs that lead to globally recognized degrees. Our fervent commitment to exceptionalism is evident in our bespoke approach, designed to cater to each student's specific needs, abilities, and academic achievements. Our knowledgeable team works intimately with prospects to evaluate their aspirations and recommend the most suitable universities.

We are passionately dedicated to delivering complete support and guidance throughout the entire admission process, from selecting the right institution to finalising enrollment. We take pride in our partnerships with esteemed universities and strive to foster a robust connection between academic institutions and students. Our experienced team is committed to streamlining the admission process and reducing stress for students, by offering a comprehensive overview of our services, universities we collaborate with, and expert educational guidance. VPSA gives students the assurance that they will receive the essential support needed for them to thrive in their academic pursuits.

Journey Towards Excellence At The World's Leading Universities Abroad!

VPSA Education Consultancy is there to offer you the best possible options to study abroad in Europe.
We Assist Aspiring Students in their Journey towards Overseas Higher Education .
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Our Vision

We envision a future in which every student, regardless of background or circumstances, has access to the highest levels of education. We believe that education is a fundamental human right, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Our vision is to be the foremost source of comprehensive guidance for top-tier and cost effective education for international students across Europe.

Our Mission

VPSA Education Consultancy is dedicated to supporting students in their professional and academic aspirations. We provide comprehensive consulting services to students, guiding them through every stage of the process, from choosing the right institution to applying for scholarships. Our mission To facilitate communication and collaboration between educational institutions and students in order to deliver excellent, economically viable education to international students across Europe.

Study Abroad

We've been assisting students and recruitment partners in locating high-quality study-abroad options with a powerful network of recruitment partners and institutions.

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